• Foreign Currencies

    • UNITED FOREX sells all major foreign currencies to customers travelling for , business, leisure, education, immigration, medical treatment etc. as per RBI guidelines / FEMA Act.
      The Company caters to both retail and wholesale customers.
  • Prepaid Travel Cards

    • UNITED FOREX has tied- up with , Axis Bank & HDFC Bank for selling Pre-paid Travel cards available in major currencies like US Dollar, Great Britain Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar etc.Canadian Dollar, SwissFranks, UAE Dihrams, Japanese Yen, Swedish Kroner, Singapore Dollars, Operating on the VISA & Master Card platforms, these cards are accepted at over 10 million
      Visa & Master Card Electronic Merchant shopping establishments, in addition to providing access to local currency through 8,00,000 self-owned and affiliated ATMs worldwide. These cards can be remotely reloaded.

  • Travel Insurance

    • UNITED FOREX has tied – up with Star Health insurance Co to sell their International Travel Insurance products. While any traveller might meticulously plan every aspect of his/her trip abroad, there are still chances that things going awry due to events beyond control. Travellers could fall ill, lose passports, have a flight delay and so on. For a complete bailout from such unnerving experiences in a foreign location, all travellers surely need International Travel Insurance.

  • Money Transfer
    • Inward Money Transfers

      The safest, easiest & fastest way to transfer money from anywhere in the world to India is through Western Union Money Transfer. To send money to someone in India then make sure, you do it through Western Union Money Transfer for which UNITED FOREX acts as an encashment centre.

      SAFE: The person you are sending money to, will receive it just minutes after you have sent it to any of the Western Union locations. Each transaction is protected by Western Union Money Transfer, World class security systems and is electronically remitted ensuring that the money is paid out immediately and to the Right recipient in India.

      EASY: The remitter goes to any Western Union location, deposits the money he/she wishes to send, fills up a "To Send Money Form" pays the charges and receives a 10 Digit Numeric code called as MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) .The MTCN is communicated to the Receiver in India who in-turn could visit any of the Western Union Location with a Valid Photo Identification. The amount would be paid in cash/ cheque as per the RBI Guidelines.

      LEGAL: Money Transfer through Western Union is legal and approved by Reserve Bank of India.

      International Payments

      We also deal in International Payments solutions viz. Demand Draft (DD), Telegraphic Transfer (TT), for catering to the following requirements: